The Dream...

Creation of Nair Technologies Pvt Ltd and its successful journey are the result of inspiration of certain ideas, in other words, our collective dream. It’s this long cherished dream that motivates us and takes us forward:

To provide best of breed technology based solutions, have a company of people who are proud of their company and enjoy working together and continue to dream to make their company bigger, smarter, sweeter, reputed and admirable.

The Vision

To be a global solution providing company of highest repute.

The Mission

To achieve our objectives through a path guided by our values.

The Values

A promise is a promise. Period. We deliver on commitments, value addition being the hallmark of every project that we execute.
We take up the ownership of the task assigned to us, as if it were our own task. Come what may, we will execute it. No excuses. Our dedication, flexibility, adaptability, scalability and spirit of fortitude enable us to take up the complete ownership. Surpassing stakeholders’ expectations consistently is part our DNA.
We exercise the highest degree of integrity in our dealings with the stakeholders. We are ethical, sincere, fair, objective, honest and open in all our transactions. Trust is ingrained in every activity that we do.
Partnership with client is a way of life for us. We listen to our clients, try to understand their needs and commit ourselves to provide total satisfaction in whatever we do for them. Innovation and promptness in execution are the factors that keep us apart. We continuously try to refine and redefine our partnership with clients so that we remain a diligent growth catalyst for our clients…
We strive relentlessly to improve ourselves so that we can deliver the best solutions.
Quality is a tradition with us, it’s the result of intelligent direction, high intention, sincere effort and skillful execution in a carefully constructed cultural environment. It forms part of the fabric of our organization. Every solution, service or artifact from us bears our stamp of quality. We constantly benchmark our services and processes against globally recognized quality standards.
As a true spirited corporate citizen, we understand the importance of diversity and welcome it in our company. We are respectful of our stakeholders, business partners and competitors. We are thoughtful and responsible in every activity that we do.
Our business model is designed to ensure that we are close to our stakeholders and the community we live in. As members, we fully recognize and understand our social responsibilities and contribute to the development of the communities in which we live and work.

The NTech Equilibrium

Our dream and vision gave us a business philosophy – a philosophy of values, policies and processes – that helps us to make an equilibrium amongst our stakeholders: our clients, our investors and our employees. We make every effort to maintain this equilibrium.

With this dream in brain, vision in mind, mission in hands and values in heart,
the company was set up by a group of entrepreneurs headed by
an IT professional with more than 25 years of experience
in various verticals and technology platforms.